Somers School Camp – Redevelopment

January 25, 2017
Somers School Camp – Redevelopment


Somers School camp had eight asbestos containing dormitory rooms, which slept 160 students at a time. These buildings had significant asbestos throughout, which posed a risk to the students attending the camp. As the camp runs all year round, the project needed to be completed on a tight timeframe to limit the impact.


To provide eight prefabricated dormitory rooms, that sleep up to 20 students. The buildings required sleeping quarters, shower and toilet facilities and break out learning spaces.

There was an agreed timeline of eight weeks for the asbestos removal, demolition and the delivery and establishment of the new dorm rooms. The agreed hand over date was the 2nd of June with a camp of 160 students turning up on the 6th of June.


By providing prefabricated buildings, this allowed the project to be completed in the tight time frame with limited disruption to the camp.

Being prefabricated, the buildings tie in with the camps eco-friendly approach, by the sustainability approach, less site disturbance and minimised construction waste.

The new buildings provide the students and staff with a safe and effective spaces to deliver an outstanding camp experience.