Albert Park Primary School

  • Project Value: $2.5M
  • Project Team: Fleetwood

Albert Park Primary School required an additional four teaching spaces to accommodate recent enrollment growth. The School already had three two-story relocatable buildings and limited space for an additional relocatable building to be provided.

A three-story relocatable building was designed as an additional solution for schools with constrained sites. For Albert Park Primary School, we removed the two existing two-story relocatable buildings and placed the new three-story building in the same location.
The new three-storey building accommodated an additional 100 students and the existing two-stories buildings were utilised at another school. The provision of the new three-story relocatable building ensured that the School had the required room to accommodate its growing enrollments without impacting the limited dispersal space.

The removal of the existing two-story buildings commenced at the start of the Christmas holidays. Completing the project over the Christmas holiday period ensured there was minimal disruption to the School.